Building The Perfect Outfit

Step By Step

Styling the perfect outfit is all about starting with a base and building off of it. In this month's blog, we are going to talk about exactly how we like to build our outfits and how you can build yours! Let's walk through it step by step: 

Start With The Bottoms

I always begin assembling my outfit by selecting the perfect bottoms. Will it be a breezy linen pant, chic wide-leg denim, classic straight-leg jeans, or perhaps a flattering skirt? Your choice of bottoms sets the tone for your entire look, whether it's casual with linen, trendy with denim, or elegant with a skirt or slacks. Consider the vibe you want to achieve before making your selection!

Find The Perfect Top

The choice of pants sets the tone for your top selection. For instance, if you opt for wide-leg denim a more form-fitting top is ideal. Your top should enhance the overall look of your outfit. There are numerous avenues to explore when selecting a top. You could begin with a basic tee or tank and layer it with a stylish jacket or button-up. Alternatively, you can opt for a standout top like a chic blouse, or trendy vest.

Pick The Shoes

Shoes are the ultimate detail that can shift the tone of your outfit from casual to dressed up in an instant! Opting for sneakers can effortlessly tone down any ensemble, while slipping into heels instantly elevates the outfit.  For example, pairing a cute blouse with denim and sneakers creates a stylishly relaxed vibe. But swapping the sneakers for heels instantly amps up the outfit's elegance. Shoes have the power to transform your entire outfit! 

Finish With The Accessories

Accessories truly make the outfit! Whether it's a cute pair of hoops, layering necklaces, adding a  stylish pair of sunglasses, or a chic purse, they have the power to instantly elevate your look. Accessories are all about bringing the whole look together seamlessly.
Happy styling, everyone!