Summer Clothing Staples

Tips & Must-Haves
The 70's + 80's are back with
Bold Prints

With summer quickly approaching, kids are getting out of school, the weather is hot hot hot, and spending time outside will be an everyday occurrence. From backyard bbq's to summer weddings, pool days, and summer sports dressing for every occasion seems like such a chore! 

Not to worry — we have you covered with some on trend summer staples you need for every occasion this season. So what’s even in style right now? BOLD beautiful bright prints are being seen everywhere and we are loving the 70’s and 80’s prints making a comeback on new cuts and fresh styles. Now if you’re like woah, hold up, 70’s and 80’s prints, there’s no way I’m going back to that. Don’t stress, they are back and BETTER than before. These prints are sure to turn heads and make you stand out!

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A must have for summer:

If you’re looking to put together some cute summer outfits just know you will definitely want a blazer, trust us! They’re taking a step out of the business world and onto the streets of fashion. Blazers are not just for the men of financial districts anymore, they’re coming to you with beautiful pastel colors and many different materials. Stay on trend by pairing a blazer with denim shorts, jeans, dresses, graphic tees and more, get creative and dive into blazers this summer.

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Hot colors for summer

When it comes to summer colors, we are seeing a TON of pink in all shades and bright colors in general! The fashion world is getting creative when it comes to putting color on things that normally would just be neutral, like hats, bags, and shoes!

If you’re a neutral gal all the way, don’t stress, neutrals will always be in, but we are here to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try on some color! Check out our summer collection for some inspiration: 


So as the weather gets warmer, try something new! Pick that sundress you don’t normally go for that you know will look great with another staple in your closet. Try working in that blazer. Let us know how it works!