Building The Perfect Outfit

Step By Step

Styling the perfect outfit is all about starting with a base and building off of it. In this month's blog, we are going to talk about exactly how we like to build our outfits and how you can build yours! Let's walk through it step by step: 


Stripes are back! With coastal chic being one of the top spring styles this year, stripes are the new go to. Whether it's a basic tee, blouse, sweater, dress, or pants, stripes add that touch of style that your outfit needs. 


Yep, you read that right! Cargo jeans are one of the top spring trends of 2024. The pockets add a new touch to your outfits that you didn't even know you needed. It takes the basic jean to a new level of style. Whether it's a wide leg, barrel, or straight cut jean, you'll want to add cargo denim to your wardrobe. 

Long Shorts

Spring is when we start to bring the shorts back out! This year, we like to add a little length to the everyday short. They're comfortable, cute, and easy to style. I don't know about you, but denim shorts are my spring and summer go-to's, so it's important for me to have a good pair that I feel comfortable and confident in. 

Barrel Denim

While wide leg and straight cut jeans are both definitely still in style, this spring there is a new addition to denim trends. Barrel jeans feature a wide leg style but then come back in at the bottom for a tapered hem. This style may seem scary at first, but we promise you're gonna love it!

Elevated Basics

We love a good basic! This year, everyone is loving the basics with a bit of extra detail. Maybe it's cinched siding, a unique hem, or a little extra detailing on the sleeves. They are casual, but with a stylish touch! The best part is that they are perfect to pair with almost anything!


This is such a fun trend this year and one of my personal favorites! Button up vests are a new style and perfect for the spring weather. What do you pair them with? I love to pair mine with a nice pair of wide leg denim, long skirts, or even some shorts! They are such a versatile piece.