Fall Must - HAves

Fall Must-Haves!

It’s our favorite time of the year, and we are so excited to throw on cozy sweaters, boots, and jeans!  Not to be basic, but we are here for pumpkin spice everything and we aren’t afraid to admit it. We will absolutely own it, because it’s too good! In addition to pumpkin spice everything, here are some of our favorite fall essentials.

#1 must have

We started to see blazers come back into style this year, and we are here for it! Blazers were super strong for spring and summer, and they’re definitely carrying over into the fall and winter seasons, just with a different flare! We were seeing a ton of light weight blazers in light/pastel colors, and now we are seeing them in heavier materials, darker colors, and mixed media! One of our favorites is this cute plaid blazer with a vegan leather collar! We love this look because they’re so versatile - they’re not just for realtors and businessmen anymore… Blazers can be worn to dress something up and give a more chic professional look, but they can also be layered with sweaters, graphic tees, and basic camis! Try a blazer with booties, heels, or sneakers, there are tons of options!

Check out our favorite blazers online: BLAZERS + JACKETS

#2 + #3 Must-haves
Vegan Leather + Sweater Vests

It’s back! We’re heading back to the 90’s, where leather shirts, blazers, pants, and tops are IN! Can’t you just picture how cute Rachel from friends looked in her many leather jackets? That could be you! Vegan leather pieces are definitely a must have for fall! 

Sweater Vests: 

Another style recycled from the 90’s - sweater vests! These made a reappearance in NYFW ‘21 and they’re here to stay for a while. Celebrities from Hailey Bieber, Harry Styles, and Kendall Jenner are all rocking the sweater vest style. And while some people might think this is unflattering, we are all for the ability to layer and create versatile outfits. They’re not just for preppy law students anymore! These can easily be layered with sweaters, blouses, and button ups or worn on their own. Pair them with denim, skirts, or over a dress for a cute fall look!

70's + 90's Inspired Denim
# 4 must - have

We are seeing tons of denim inspired by the 70’s as well as the 90’s with the baggy acid wash denim. We are loving this style especially for boots/booties! They’re perfect for matching with all types of shoes and are so cute when styling with the fun cropped sweaters. If you’re not quite ready to try the baggy/straight leg denim, or go super trendy with the 70’s inspired denim, don’t worry - you can still rock skinny jeans, but we do encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try on a pair of straight leg denim - they’re so comfortable and you’ll never want to squeeze into skinny jeans again!

#5 + #6 Must-haves
Shackets + Prints


These have been in for a couple of years now and we are still going strong this fall/winter. Shackets or shirt-jackets are a huge fall staple, and they’re not just black and white plaid anymore, these adorable must have pieces for fall are coming in the most amazing colors! They’re an awesome way to layer with sweaters, blouses, or t-shirts. 


Maybe it’s just because we are in Colorado, but a HUGE trend we love to see this fall and winter are the fun prints! We are seeing a ton of plaid as well as the vintage ski cabin sweater vibe, which in our opinion is amazing. These cozy prints are perfect for the changing seasons and into the bitter cold days ahead. 

We hope you find this list of fall must-haves helpful when shopping for your fall wardrobe and editing out your closet to make way for new things!