Early Fall 2023 Trends

That We Love!
Striped Sweaters

You can’t go wrong with a striped sweater! This year we are seeing so many variations of the beloved style. Chunky stripes are super popular this fall and are a simple design that catch the eye’s attention. We love to wear these sweaters on their own or under a jacket. These pieces make layering easy, as they add a pop of movement and color under a solid colored jacket. Pair one of these sweaters with a pair of jeans and boots for a simple and easy fall fit!

A Must Have For Fall:
Faux Leather

Faux Leather, Vegan Leather, Pleather? There are so many names for it now. Whatever you like to call it, the leather look is here and going strong. And each year, the material seems to be looking more and more like real leather, without the cruelty! Vegan leather pants have been popular for the last couple of years, and now we are seeing this same classy look carried over into shirts, blazers, and jackets. The great thing about this trend is that it makes it easy to dress any outfit up, with minimal effort. Going out? Swap one of your basic tops for a faux leather top and pair it with jeans, and you will look like you spent hours getting ready!

A Timeless Staple:

In addition to faux leather, corduroy is making its appearance this year. Specifically, we are seeing it used in pants! Corduroy is such a fun texture to play around with and can be used to spice up a plain outfit. It's also a great material to keep you warm when the temperature drops outside. We love pairing corduroy pants with a graphic tee and sneakers to create a casual outfit. We also love wearing a patterned blazer with the pants, which is a great way to mix patterns and textures in a cohesive way!